Minimize the risk of losing your primary ring during Travel, Work or Daily Chores

Created by jewelry connoisseur Pel Parekh. She is a passionate jewelry manufacturer based in Southern California with over 10+ years of experience in the industry. After years of talking to customers, she noticed a need for an alternative to a traditional engagement ring. Something that could minimize the risk of losing their primary ring. A ring that could alleviate the stress caused by fear of losing their expensive engagement rings daily. One that a person can wear everywhere, every day worry-free. That’s how Pel & Co was born.

An everyday engagement ring you can wear without worry.





Taking the everyday ring enables you to keep your engagement ring safe and secure at home. Taking a substitute ring instead completely minimizes the chance of misplacing, or losing your primary ring. Especially in places that you are unlikely to visit again. It also still helps you represent your engagement and relationship status. Without compromising style or beauty. Best of all you can spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying your trip!

At Work

We usually keep our hands quite busy at work. Many of us wash our hands repeatedly or are required to take our ring off, which dramatically increases the risk of misplacing it. By taking the substitute ring, it minimizes the risk of losing your primary ring and greatly reducing its daily wear and tear keeping it in pristine condition. The Everyday Engagement Ring also has a lifetime warranty against stones falling out to ensure it’s the best substitute to handle the daily grind and beyond.

Life’s temporary transitions

One issue many people face is ring resizing during life’s transitions. From pregnancy to temporary changes, our Everyday Engagement Rings allow you to skip costly ring resizing. Best of all, when you transition back to your primary ring, your substitute will become a perfect memento of your journey.

Everyday Use

The Everyday Engagement Ring is perfect for daily use. It helps minimize the risk of losing the ring or diamonds. It helps your primary ring maintain its pristine condition. It helps you travel more carefree and be spontaneous on nights out! Preserve the sparkle and longevity of your primary engagement ring with a captivating day-to-day ring—that is just as beautiful, brilliant and precious.


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