Keep An Extra, Just In Case Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Love is one of the greatest adventures we can endeavor upon. Our rings symbolize that commitment, uniting two people in a sacred ceremony. We cherish its presence on our hands and feel butterflies when we gaze upon it there. It’s become a part of our identity, and has a place in our hearts. Rings are a beautiful memento of our love and a lifelong treasure to be kept.
This is why it’s so important to take special care of it.

Many engagement and wedding rings range in the tens of thousands. Because of this, it’s important to consider risk minimization. Especially when 1 in 10 couples are likely to lose their precious rings. Many invest in ring insurance and try to be hyper-aware of its safety. The next best way to mitigate risk is by wearing a substitute in high-risk areas or during high-risk activities.

That’s just what Pel & Co’s Everyday Engagement Ring was designed for. It’s just as bright, brilliant, and beautiful as other engagement rings—with moissanite and simulated diamonds,embedded in precious metals. However, it costs a fraction of the price, and greatly minimizes the risk of damage or loss to your primary ring. 

5 Key Benefits of Having an Extra Ring

1. Give Your Main Ring A Break

Pel Co’s Everyday Engagement ring is perfect for daily use. It helps minimize the risk of losing your primary ring or its stones, and keep its pristine condition. It helps you travel more carefree and be spontaneous on nights out! Preserve the sparkle and longevity of your primary engagement ring with a captivating day-to-day ring—that is just as beautiful, brilliant and precious.

  • Enjoy a different ring. 
  • Minimize wear and tear to the main ring. 
  • Let go of over worrying and enjoy spontaneity more.

2. Take A Substitute for Travel

Taking the Everyday Engagement Ring enables you to keep your primary ring safe and secure at home. Taking a substitute ring instead completely minimizes the chance of misplacing, or losing your primary ring. This is especially useful in places that you are unlikely to visit again.
Another key benefit of the Everyday Engagement Ring is that you are able to still represent your engagement and relationship status without compromising style or beauty. Best of all you can spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying your trip!

  • Less worry, more traveling. 
  • Mitigates major loss if stolen or misplaced. 
  • Still represents your union while traveling or on honeymoon.

3. Mitigate Risk of Damage or Misplacing It at Work

We usually keep our hands quite busy at work. Many of us wash our hands repeatedly or are required to take our ring off, which dramatically increases the risk of misplacing it. By taking the Everyday Engagement Ring, it minimizes the risk of losing your primary ring while greatly reducing the daily wear and tear to your main ring. This helps keep it in pristine condition, and less likely to lose diamonds or alike. The Everyday Engagement Ring also has a lifetime warranty against stones falling out. This ensures that it’s the best substitute to handle the daily grind and beyond.

  • Reduce daily wear and tear. 
  • Minimize the risk factor of misplacing it at work. 
  • Enjoy a lifetime warranty against stones falling out.

4. Having Something to Use During Life's Temporary Transitions

One issue many women face is ring resizing during life’s transitions. From pregnancy to temporary changes, our Everyday Engagement Rings allow you to skip costly ring resizing. Best of all, when you transition back to your primary ring, your substitute will become a perfect memento of your journey.

  • Save money and time constantly resizing. 
  • Have a special momentum of your journey. 
  • Keep your main ring in its original condition.


5. An Extra Ring Can Save You So Much Worry and Minimize Risk. 

Have an extra ring on hand to substitute for these types of scenarios can be a lifesaver. It will greatly reduce your worry, and keep your primary ring in pristine condition, safe at home. There is nothing worse than losing a ring or spending important occasions worrying about it.

  • Extend the brilliance of your primary ring. 
  • Greatly mitigate the risk of losing, misplacing, or having your main stolen. 
  • Increase the likelihood of passing your ring down to your offspring.

With all these phenomenal benefits, you can understand why Pel & Co’s Everyday Engagement Ring is a wonderful extra to have on hand.

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