Keep Your Valuables Safe While on Vacation With the Everyday Engagement Ring

Engagement and wedding rings are symbols of love, commitment, and union. We adore our rings almost as much as our partners. From our honeymoon to our travels, it goes without saying that the last thing we want to happen is losing our precious rings. Equally, we don’t want to spend too much time worrying about losing it either.

What most people don’t know, is just how likely that is to happen.

  • 1 in 10 couples is likely to lose their engagement rings.
  • 1 in 5 people has experienced loss or theft of fine jewelry while traveling.

No one wants to spend their honeymoon or travels worrying about their ring or feeling devastated that they have. Many couples are seeking to minimize the risk of losing their precious keepsakes.

That’s Why the Everyday Engagement Ring Was Created—to Gift You Peace Of Mind.

Pel & Co was created to provide honeymooners and globe-trotters with Everyday Engagement Rings to wear without worry. One that enables you to keep your real rings safe and secure at home. Taking a substitute ring on your travels completely minimizes the chance of misplacing, or losing your primary ring.

Three Common Scenarios That Many Couples Face on Travels

1. Exploring A Tropical Paradise to Enjoying Pristine Beaches Daily

These types of adventures can be lifelong memories. However, they can also be hotspots for ring risks. Daily ocean and pool swims make your hands shrivel which makes the likelihood of your ring falling off, to be lost forever, that much greater. Not to mention the potential for stones getting dislodged and falling out. That’s why taking the ring off becomes important. However, even then, it’s also easy to misplace or lose somewhere you might never visit again. This brings us to the next common scenario.

2. Galavanting Across Europe To Staying at a New Place Each Night

The thrill of undiscovered places leaves us breathless. However, with each new place you visit, there is a chance that you could leave your ring, such as on a bathroom counter. Never to be seen again. Wearing a beautiful engagement ring that is just as stylish but a fraction of the investment is your best bet to minimize the risk of losing your primary ring. This enables you to still represent your union, without risking your precious main rings.

3. To High-risk Areas, Where Your Engagement Ring Could Get Stolen

There are many scams and ways rings can get stolen. From the common risky hotel rooms to crowded hostels, to the less common well-planned scams. There are many stories out there. One particular one that gained notoriety is a group of children who are taught to run up and give hugs while grabbing tourists’ hands. Unknown to many, their real agenda is to slip your rings off. There are many risky scenarios that can make you a potential target. By taking a substitute ring you still enjoy the option of having a ring without worrying too much if it is stolen. No one wants to spend their honeymoon or travels worrying about their ring.

A Precious Substitute That Doesn’t Sacrifice Style.

One of the biggest reasons people choose the Everyday Engagement Ring is that it still helps you represent your engagement and relationship status—without compromising style or beauty. It’s truly a sparkling solution. It enables you to spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying your trip!

With a substitute ring that is just as good as the real one!

It’s just as bright, brilliant, and beautiful as other engagement rings—with moissanite and simulated diamonds, embedded in precious metals. Built by the same master craftsmen that design and create the most extraordinary engagement rings around. The only difference is that it’s a much smaller investment. Beyond travel, the Everyday Engagement Ring’s main function is to preserve the sparkle and longevity of your primary rings. If you are able to keep a hold of it during your travels, it can make a perfect memento of your trip, while also continuing to be a sparkling substitute.

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